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Transporting a Kayak via Train


A few days ago, I was the lucky first guy to respond to a small ad. Someone wanted to sell his kayak for a very reasonable fee, the only problem to me - lacking a car - was how to get it from Nürnberg (Bavaria) to Dresden (Saxony) without spending a fortune? I checked several logistics companies and found out they either charged immoral sums (~500 €, dhl) or just refused objects longer than 3.30m (GLS, Hermes as well as several others). Sixt wanted >100€ for a transporter per day, without extra kilometers and gas.

So the only alternative left to me was to use the train, which proved to be a very cheap and comfortable way to transport the kayak. Thanks again to Peter who agreed to help me. Of course there were doubts about fitting a 3.90m boat into a 2.80m wide train, but it worked out miraculously well. We were even able to take the bus home from the station, but that
required some serious thoughts and a little crunching in the end :)
I hope I can test the kayak next weekend, so stay tuned...